Tuesday, 20 June 2017

“Juvenile and feminine business dexterity in Cyprus”

The juvenile and feminine business dexterity in Cyprus is a new innovation which it has imported by the Government of Cyprus via the Ministry of Trade and Industry and aims at as the aid, promotion and competitiveness of juvenile feminine of small and medium enterprises. The chalk-lines that have been committed have been in the frames of the operational program Sustainable Growth and Competitivenessand amount to be spent is sixteen (16) million Euros. This innovative program SGC   that has been announced by the MTI Ministry of Trade and Industry of Cyprus is expected to give the opportunity to create at least 1000 new jobs, thus it will contribute in the creation of new modern small to medium-sized competitive enterprises in the modern labor market which is altered and modernized continuously  in various ways. The creation of these juvenile small to medium-sized enterprises is considered to be the backbone of the Cyprus economy which constitutes simultaneously the founding of a robust economy. Moreover, this modern and innovative idea is identified with the creation of new entrepreneurships, innovation and hopefully prosperity, particularly in a period where it is infested from the world economic crisis and the increasing unemployment rate among the young people.
The application of drawing “juvenile and feminine business dexterity” constitutes a very effective tool that will allocate for the aid of business dexterity and small enterprises. If Cyprus really wants to come out of this economic and financial crisis, all human resources, women and young people must be used and all obstacles that that limit them to participate effectively in political and economic development should be eliminated. Innovative and non-bureaucratic procedures must be adopted that will encourage them to set up their own businesses. However in order to become this a reality it is necessary for prominent leaders in all fields, beyond education and the economy, to be able to establish the new Cyprus free from the anchorages and mistakes that led us to the current economic crisis."
To stress the importance of the role of the small businesses a spokesperson of the European Council in Cyprus mentioned that the small business account for 99% of all businesses and 58% of total turnover in the EU. As reported in the report of the EC by Austrian member of the European Parliament Paul Rübig,  23 million SMEs "are the backbone of the European economy". He also  added that the growth of these businesses is a crucial prerequisite for boosting Europe's competitiveness and attracting investments and productive units.
Referring, also to another report on the face of female poverty in the EU, it was said that women are more affected by poverty than men makes the program of “Juvenile and feminine business dexterity in Cyprus” very important for the Cyprus economy especially among the young female population. 

SGC- Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness
MTI Ministry of Trade and Industry of Cyprus
EU- European Union
EP-European Parliament
SMEs - Small Medium Enterprises

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