Sunday, 18 June 2017

Extraordinary Entrepreneurship lessons

In April secondary school students from Cieszyn took part in the 14th edition of National Day of Entrepreneurship. 

As every year it was under the auspices of The President of Poland Jerzy Duda. However the organisor of the event is Enterprising Youth Foundation¹ which won the first prize in a contest for The Best Civil Initiative Pro Publico Bono in the Educational Initiative Category.
For young people The Day of Entrepreneurship is often their first one-day visit in companies focused on familiarizing²with new working places. Due to the fact that students from our school study logistics and tourism they went to 10 different travel agencies, hostels, and hotels as well as 11 transport and logistics companies. Each of the students did different jobs. 
They worked as  tour operators, receptionists, maids, warehouse workers, purchase ³department workers or administrative workers.

‘The time spent in Gambit Hotel taught us a lot. We learnt that the person in charge of maintaining order and cleanliness must work really hard. We also learnt what  the duties of a receptionist are and how responsible you must be to hold the position. Although we were really exhausted we will remember the day as very pleasant one’, said Wiktoria.

‘In my opinion the job of a freight operator⁴is really hard. Each order id different, there always may occur an unexpected problem like a mistake in documents or just some delays in shipment. You must be really quick-thinking, able to solve the problems and flexible’, Szymon said.

‘I personally found out how a travel agency works. I could work with a booking system online. At first I expected it to be another boring day at work. However our mentor showed us that it can be a fascinating job because every day you can learn something new or you can meet new people with different interests. We spent nice day in Bea Travel agency’, said Michał.

Thanks to those ‘entrepreneurship lessons’ students gained their first job experience and started collaboration with local entrepreneurs. 

¹ foundation - organization set up to provide help and money for research, charity etc.
² familiarize with - acquire a thorough knowledge of sth
³ purchase - act of buying sth
⁴ freight operator - person in charge of goods transported by ship, aircrafts or trains

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