Monday, 25 April 2016

Made in Italy: a key driver for the scaling-up of your startup

Italy is celebrated throughout the world for its art, culture, creativity and manufacturing quality. These are the foundations on which the unique supply chain for “Made in Italy” products is built. Italy has brought industry, culture and lifestyle together in a way that does not only concern design and the superb quality of fashion, food and furniture, but also sheer artistic expression in all of its forms. Tellingly, a (1)KPMG report recently stated that “Made in Italy” is the 3rd best-known brand in the world. By establishing your startup in Italy, you will have the chance to leverage our most celebrated sectors, add value to your products and scale up your business.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Back on track!

Iconic "Syrena" , again conquers the hearts of Polish people. 

This iconic car, was made in Poland in 1955, and the company had finished the production of the car in 1983, after releasing over 520 000 units. 

Thanks to European Union funds, in Kutno a production of a new model of Polish car „Syrena" will start gain. However, this is not gonna be a car being sold on a large scale, but only in several hundred copies annually. Amateurs of Polish "Syrena" are already getting excited.

From the production line, in the first year will come  50 copies of "Syrena S201" , which shape will be modeled on its previous model. The design of the car is made by Bartosz Andrzejewski , a student from Warsaw Academy of Art. Components for "Syrena" will be made in Kutno. The engine with the capacity of 1,4l and power of 90KM and manual gearbox will come from General Motors. 

Modern "Syrena S201" will be equipped in ABS, air bags, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors and electrical power steering. The car has already received his homologation, of Industrial Institute of motorization. 

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Monday, 11 April 2016

20 words you need to talk about....

20 words you need to talk about…
Startups and Entrepreneurship
Accelerator Business organizations that offer professional services to help accelerate startups (consulting, management coaching, mentoring, financing). They are very similar to incubators but they can take an equity stake in the company they host.