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20 words you need to talk about....

20 words you need to talk about…
Startups and Entrepreneurship
Accelerator Business organizations that offer professional services to help accelerate startups (consulting, management coaching, mentoring, financing). They are very similar to incubators but they can take an equity stake in the company they host.

Bootstrapping Starting a company with personal finances or revenue of the first clients.
Break even This is the point when the revenue exactly equals the costs of a company.
Business Angel – Private individual that invests 5% to 10% of his capital in a startup.

Coworking New way for professionals to work in a shared collaborative environment.
Crowdsourcing Obtaining information, ideas and services by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially from an online community.

Due Diligence (DD) – Complex process of audit before the acquisition of a startup company.

Early Stage The initial stage of a startup; a company usually in business for 3 years.
Founder The entrepreneur who started a business.

Incubator – Organizations setup to nurture startup companies at an early stage. Incubators provide a work place, networking opportunities, mentorship until the business grows 

Love capital – Capital given by friends or family to an entrepreneur to start a business.

Meetup Informal meetups are used to share knowledge, ideas and skills. Organizers of meetups are usually people connected to the world of business: CEO’s, investors, sponsors.

Non-Disclosure Agreement  (NDA) – It’s a signed agreement which contains confidential information. It is used to make sure ideas or products are not stolen or leaked to others.
Networking Making connections and building mutually beneficial relationships. 

Pitch It is a concise description of a startup company to grab investors’ attention. 

Round – Different rounds of funding for a company. The first one is known as Seed capital – Series A, followed by Series B financing, and so on.

Seed capital The initial capital used to start a company. The first seed money usually comes from the business owner, family or friends. 

Traction An evidence of a market demand. A proof that a startup company is growing.

Unicorn A unicorn is a startup company that reaches a $1 billion dollar market value. The largest unicorns include Uber; Airbnd; Snapchat among others. 

Venture capital (VC) – Money provided by investors to startup companies with long-term growth potential. It is also called risk capital for a growing business. 
Source: 26th march 2016

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