Tuesday, 6 June 2017

'Ki sciauru' at international level

The gastronomic excellence created by the classrooms of the Institute "Federico II" of Enna once again at international level. This time it happened in Belgium, where the school was led by headmistress Giuseppina Gugliotta concluded the Erasmus project by presenting its company "Ki sciauru" and in particular the cooking aromatic salts produced within the school. 

The team was soon distinguished¹ by recalling the attention of Belgian Minister of Education Hilde Crevits. "She was fascinated by the gourmet² products we have proposed" she proudly admits to the headmistress Gugliotta who together with the teacher Alida Di Martino has cared for the expedition in Belgian land and in particular in the city of Bruges where, in addition to the school and the hosts , there were institutes from Poland (coordinator country of the project), Cyprus, Portugal and Hungary. On the occasion of this last itinerant stage of the project, the boys, as said, presented the company "Ki sciauru" distinguishing both for the products realized but also for exposure through the use of the English language: "This is one of the prerogatives Of the project and our students have been fully autonomous, "said the chairman, while Professor Di Martino judged" this approach is rewarding and prideful. " The participants students were Martina Bruno, Ruben D'Alcamo, Carmelo Puma Catalano; with them also  Inveninato teacher. They were also busy doing business analysis and attending various workshops and simulating a telephone interview. The " icebreaking" was Crevits Minister hit by the Sicilian "coppola" worn by the group, which it  was donated  to the minister who said with enthusiasm to have been guest to Enna last year during the holidays choosing the Capital for its centrality that allowed it to visit all of Sicily. From 17th to 20th July, all teachers from the participating countries will meet in Enna for the official closing of the training experience. "We work first and foremost for our students, we believe it is important to establish those relationships that can bring benefits for their future and their professionalism and we will continue on this path," concluded³ Gugliotta headmistress.

¹ distinguished - dignified in something
² gourmet - delicious
³ conclude - sum up

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