Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New start

Build a small company

Every beginning  it is difficult for our people to say, but because the beginning is 
the half of everything, it is important that everything that starts is put on the right bases. Especially when you start a new business, you have to start laying a foundation from the start so that your idea will bear fruit¹. Until the dream becomes reality, it takes effort, effort, but above all, will and passion. To convey your ideas, you first have to believe how you will do it and your new start will succeed.When you start something new it is natural not to know where to start. That's why it's best to put things in a row and follow some steps.

1.E-mail - Domain

Very important for all companies is e-mail. Especially an emerging² company needs an easy email that will be impressed in the minds of customers and they will remember it without difficulty. For this, you must choose a good domain such as .eu, .com, or Of particular importance is to give the service provider where you can get it because prices vary and there is a domain that is governed by specific legislation, such as .ac, which is targeted only at educational organizations. Combinations of e-mail can be anything, e.g.
A domain must be smart so that they can easily remember it and know how you write. A trick that you can apply is to grasp all the possible ways someone can write the name so that even if they write it wrong to find it. Also it would be good to promote your site by giving your e-mail. So someone who has your e-mail will most likely look at your website.
A good and smart solution is the small websites offer a quick and cheap solution for domain and email.


Nowadays, when the internet is a major part of our lives and plays a major role for business, it is imperative that every company has an online person.

There are three types of site forms you can create:

A) Contact information - Website for contact: contains information such as telephones and addresses so that the customer can contact the company. No upgrade required.

B) Company portfolio: contains information about the services, services, projects undertaken by the company, or a map with instructions. It needs upgrading about once a month or when a new project is taken.

C) eCommerce - Website for transactions: besides information, it enables³ the customer to make orders. It needs constant upgrading based on orders, depending on the movement of the site.


What anyone will notice, even if they are not interested in your company, is the logo. That's why it's important to do a good job of a professional graphic designer so that the result is impressive and attracting attention. There are many who design the logo, but if you want something simple you have the ability to do it yourself. Entering you can choose the font you prefer with the colors of your choice. Otherwise, if you want a more complex logo, it is best to contact someone with a design experience.

4. Cards

To be able to issue cards you need to have a phone, an address, an email, and you have finished with your company logo. If you have the above, then you can issue cards for the company or for you personally with your title depending on your job.

¹ fruit - profit
² emrge - come out or up
³ enable - make somthing possible

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