Monday, 20 March 2017

Business Navigator

Business Navigator is a series of trainings for entrepreneurs organized in Zamek Cieszyn. The best business couches, specialists experienced in management - like GPS navigators help show new companies the way to success.

So far there have been 3 meetings.:
The first meeting: Researching the needs and designing services as tools for constructing the company dominance on the market.
It was an attempt to understand the relation between a contemporary¹ consumer looking for new experiences and the business zone wanting to meet his/her needs. The couch showed how the awareness of the needs can be used to design your own products and services, not always in an expensive way.
The second meeting: What is or what isn’t a design in the context of implementation process in a company?
It concerned the value of designing the whole production process. It should be precisely thought over and it ought to include clearly ordered activities before the entrepreneur starts making the design of his/her own products or services.

The third meeting: An innovation or a decline² of brands? – redefining a business
The meeting threw a new light on the way of perceiving an innovation. To make the business prosper in a competitive³ way, businessmen should take active part in developing their innovations instead of showing their passive attitude to improving business of XXI century.

There are plans to organize other meetings during which the participants will learn how to make a brief in which they will prepare tasks and the ways how to verify⁴ them to avoid potential conflict situations in a company.
¹contemporary - of the present time
²decline - gradual loss of strength or power
³competitive - doing as well as or better than others
⁴verify - check

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