Monday, 6 February 2017

Great design at the bank of the river Tisza – Tisza Sneakers by Bori Orosz, Hungary

                            Having become entrepreneurs ourselves, we are more and more interested in trying to find out the secret behind a successful company. We live in a town by the bank of the Tisza and this river plays a significant role in our lives. It is no surprise then that we wanted to learn more about the shoes of the brand Tisza that a large number of youngsters wear here in Hungary.
  We did not know, for example, that even our grandparents wore them when they were young, as Tisza is a heritage brand, established¹ in 1942 in Martfű, where the railway, public and water traffic meet, next to the Tisza river. During the 1950s and 1960s the factory produced shoes for the domestic market, but it expanded² in 1971 with a new corporate logo and started to design and manufacture sport shoes, which very soon had a cult followed by young Hungarians. The 'T' branded shoe was born at the start of the 1970s when many new sport shoe models were developed, some of these styles still remain to this day and have been updated with a contemporary touch.
One of the first shoes, which the Tisza factory produced, was a vulcanized rubber soled gym shoe, manufactured in many colors and fabrics and was suitable for many different sporting activities (like P.E. class for our parents). The innovative design combined with good craftsmanship brought international success for the brand. With 40 years of experience in manufacture and design of handmade shoes, a new era started in 2003. The Clash company bought the rights of the Tisza trademark and after dep.

So who knows? If you tailed research they started to produce a range of distinctive sneaker collections for women, men and also expanded the brand by adding fashion accessories and clothing lines. Today, the Tisza brand with its iconic 'T' logo is synonymous with culture, contemporary³ urbanism and good craftsmanshistart a business today, maybe your grandchildren will use your products, too. 

¹ establish - set up
² expand - become greater
³ contemporary - of the time or period being referred to

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