Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dresses just for you - Emmaroz by Réka Szűcs, Hungary

                  Having become entrepreneurs ourselves, we keep our eyes open to spot successful entrepreneurs working right around us.
Previously an HR manager, Enikő Lilla Szénási became a businesswoman in July 2014, when she fulfilled her dream by opening “Emmaroz” an individual dressmaking saloon and designer shop in Szeged, Hungary. She named the shop after her daughter Emma Róza hoping that she would once take over.

                To produce individual and high-quality clothes is a particularly big challenge nowadays, when fast-fashion stores launch new collections every two weeks or so in order to make customers to keep shopping. “Emmaroz” would like to show that a great wardrobe does not necessarily contain heaps of clothes, but if they are good quality and designed just for you, you will just love it.

                  ‘Think about it,’ says the owner. ‘If you keep on purchasing¹ dozens of clothes crazily, you will end up wearing only like two of them regularly. You will always find there is something wrong with them and just throw them at the bottom of your closet.’²
The shop is open for ladies interested in fashion and style. Along with a cup of coffee or a macaron, they can learn about the trends of the next season. There regular events, too, including style guidance, film screenings, meetings with designers, talks and wardrobe parties. The owner of “Emmaroz” strongly believes that one does not need to be a special size or have an upcoming special occasion to go to an individual dressmas become a production partner for young designers. Its dressmaking workshop has already collaboaker.
What is more, the company hrated with almost all the successful designers of Hungary. At the same time, customers can also buy some pieces in the designer shop – for the first time in Szeged.
Another interesting thing about “Emmaroz” is the place itself. Its interior design is a combination of a 19th-century dressmaking saloon and a contemporary design shop. In the fitting room³, there is a mirror with the sign “Gyönyörű vagy!”, which means ‘You are beautiful!’.
                 This unique shop in Szeged is a great example to show how entrepreneurial dreams can come true.

¹purchase - buy
²closet - small room for storing things
³fitting room - place in a shop where you can try on clothes

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