Friday, 12 February 2016


Our Vision – To be the first school company in Setúbal city to provide a service that will make the experience of studying abroad a memorable and valuable experience for Erasmus students.
Our Mission – To bring about happiness and well-being to our clients during their Erasmus study period in Setúbal by promoting experiences that will enrich their body and mind.
Our Values – Our values include Happiness, Youth and Well-being. Studying abroad is a unique experience and to overcome the first obstacles in a new city we are strongly committed to make your stay a happier and more satisfying experience with the help of a young team. 

Our Services - We are dedicated to providing three packages full of activities to achieve our purpose. Our services include: Tedventure; Tedseeing and Tedmade.  In addition, we offer homemade energy bars to enrich your experience.
Tedventure: The goal is to present and experience our natural heritage: the hiking trails of Arrábida Natural Park.  Besides being an interesting route, the views are absolutely amazing. The Serra da Arrábida Natural Park is known for its beautiful mediterranean flora and stunning views. After an easy climb, on a clear day, you’ll be able to see Lisbon as well as overlook the sea, the Tróia Peninsula and the Arrábida Mountain. The trails are not difficult but they are a bit rocky. Tedventure  offers a memorable experience for those eager to get to know the best hikes and trails as well as discover the ideal places to stop and enjoy the view and the fresh air.
Tedseeing: This package offers a tour to all the prime sightseeing spots in the city. Our tour starts in Bocage Square where you can find the city hall, the 18th century church S. Julião and the Bocage Statue. Stroll with our guides through Avenida Luísa Todi – a public promenade from the 19th century, where you can see a bandstand, an art gallery, buildings of historical value, street cafés, night clubs and restaurants. Plus, visit the new tourist information office set on top of roman ruins. Are you also looking for ancient legends and folktales? Tedseeing will guide you through our beautiful city and you will get to know our stories, history, heritage and gastronomy.
Tedmade: To make your stay in Setúbal unique and unforgettable, we created Tedmade. Let us know your interests and preferences and we will give you the best tips. Looking for a nice spot to have a meal out? Planning a party or simply finding the right place to hang out? Tedmade will help you have everything you need laid out in advance.
Homemade energy bars – The values we strive for include a balance between body and mind, nature and history. To enrich this experience we will offer healthy homemade bars that our clients will taste so as to pump up their energy and mood while they get to know the best trails in the mountain or the best sightseeing spots in the city.


  1. Thank you for the information of your school company!

  2. Portugal is beautiuful.. Curious to do all of these things!!