Monday, 9 November 2015

The brewery in Cieszyn is no longer Brackie!

     The brewery in Cieszyn will be run as an independent organization called "Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn" (Cieszyn Zamek Brewery). Despite the production line of the beer from the Żywiec Group they will introduce other special types of beer. 

     As we were informed there have been made some changes in the organization of the enterprise as well. There is not only new board but also a new logo and type of produced beer! The main idea os to get separated from the Żywiec Group and set up a totally independent brewery. 

     The board of the organization stated that the brewery wouldn’t stop the production of Brackie (the most popular beer from Cieszyn) and Żywiec Porter. ”We consider this decision as a great opportunity for our brewery because we want to start the production of local beer which is in the interest of clients since they tend to be fond of buying something local. 

     Rumor had it that the new owners were about to open a restaurant in the brewery. The ball room that is used for beer tasting when sightseeing and purchasing some beer will remain as before. 

a brewery - a place where beer is made
to introduce - bring something such as a product, measure or concept into use.
an opportunity - a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something
to purchase - acquire (something) by paying for it (to buy)
an owner - a person who owns something 
to own - have (something) as one's own



  1. I think the brewery will become totally independent and they will focus only on the production of local beer.

    1. Yes, they may win thanks to this but also they can lose a lot of money! It's like closing one of your opportunities when you stop a bulk production!